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Call An Emergency Dentist in Salem OR

Energency Dentist Salem, ORDental emergencies are common in the United States and Salem, Oregon is no different.  One survey shows in a recent year a dental emergency was experienced by one in six people. A study has also shown approximately twenty-three percent of individuals who require emergency dental procedures have problems with their crowns, caps, or fillings.  If they break, or become detached from the tooth, they must be replaced immediately.

Various Dental Emergencies

However, there are other reasons for patients in Salem needing emergency dental care.  Acute pain is one example.  Acute pain is often caused by an abscess, inflammation, or a decayed tooth.  These issues are the result of oral health problems that have not been treated.  Another reason for emergency treatment is trauma or damage to a tooth.  Damage can occur from an accident that involves the mouth, breaking a tooth while eating, or other causes.

Individuals who have sensitive teeth can experience pain.  Consuming foods or beverages that are too hot or too cold can cause unbearable pain.  If this problem has not been addressed in a Salem dentist’s office, a person may find himself needing emergency treatment.

When To Call An Emergency Dentist

It is never wise to hesitate in seeking help in a dental emergency.  Depending on the source of the problem, waiting may cause the problem to worsen.  A dental emergency is not the time to try home remedies. Instead, ask for assistance from a 24-hour emergency dentist.  You will not have to wait for an appointment, or continue to suffer from pain.

Being Prepared For Dental Emergencies

There are ways you can be prepared for an emergency situation.  First, copy the telephone number of an emergency dentist.  Have a copy of this information in your purse or wallet, and keep the number handy at home.  If an emergency arises, you can call your dentist immediately.

Second, combine home oral care with regular visits to the dentist.  When you take care of your teeth and gums, you will be less likely to experience a problem.  Dental visits will provide both you and your dentist with important information about your oral health.  Routine examinations can help your dentist detect problems in their earliest stage so they can be easily treated.

Consistent home oral care and routine dental visits can reduce your risk of dental emergencies.  For the sake of your health and peace of mind, keep the number of an emergency dentist where you can find it at all times.  Dental care in an emergency can prevent unnecessary problems, and lead to better oral health.

Trust the oral health care professionals at Natural Smiles in Salem, OR for all your emergency dental care needs. Call our Salem office to schedule an emergency appointment.


 Dr. Coombs and his staff are really friendly and skilled. He went above and beyond to make sure my crown was fixed and done right. A great office! 

- – Annie J.

 The office staff is very nice and helpful. I appreciate knowing the expected cost at the beginning. The office is clean and Dr. Coombs was very thorough in explaining what needed to be done. 

- – Becky B.

 I found Dr. Coombs to be informative and explained things in way that made it simple for me to decide on which procedure was best for me. I highly recommend this office. 

- – Bill N.

 The front desk staff totally ROCKS! I really like this place. 

- – Justin W.

 Ive had several bad experiences with dentists in the past but after going to Dr. Coombs today I no longer have a fear of dentists! they treated me wonderful, they were very polite and put me at ease. 

- – Sarah T.


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