Teeth Whitening


Do you want a whiter, brighter smile? Of course! We all do. But here at Natural Smiles in Salem, we want to help make that bright white smile a reality for you, for FREE! How? With our Free Whitening Program, if you are working hard to maintain your teeth and gums throughout the year, you eligible for this exciting program, giving you FREE professional whitening trays and solution. It’s that simple!


If you are a patient at Natural Smiles at our Salem dental office, you are in!

We believe that taking care of your teeth and gums is of utmost importance as we truly care about the health and maintenance of your smile. To encourage and motivate you to continue with proper care and hygiene throughout the year, we offer the Free Whitening Program as an incentive. This program is offered as a special bonus for patients who attend their regularly scheduled cleaning and dental appointments, receive prompt attention for any dental health issues, and follow up with proper brushing and flossing as recommended by their Hygienist. Meeting these requirements will not only entitle you to free, professional whitening tools, it will also result in better health of your teeth and gums. Patients who regularly attend their dental appointments and follow up on dental care end up spending less money in the long run, and they save themselves from irreversible damage to the gums and teeth.


After meeting all of the initial requirements of the program, you will be fitted for your custom whitening trays and professional whitening gel. Once the trays are complete, you can take them home and begin using them to whiten and brighten your smile. At the end of each additional cleaning appointment, you will also receive up to three syringes of professional whitening gel for use in the trays (up to two times per year). Trays will be fitted and replaced yearly as long as you continue to meet the requirements of the program.


To be considered for the program, you must be at least 18 years of age. You must also complete a dental exam that includes x-rays as well as a professional cleaning by our Hygienist, and the minimum required work to maintain a healthy smile must be completed. The next cleaning appointment (6 months) must also be scheduled, and the patient must not have any outstanding balances or past due fees. Once these criteria are met, the fitting for the whitening trays will be completed and the program will commence.


Staying in the program requires that you continue on the path to proper dental health. The patient must schedule and attend all cleaning appointments with our Hygienist (every 6 months) as well as check-up evaluations with our Salem Dentist. The patient must also have the minimum required dental treatments as recommended by the Dentist, completed by us here at Natural Smiles. We also require that you comply with all policies including payment and cancellation policies.

If you fail to meet these requirements, participation in the program will be terminated. The patient may re-enroll once they get back on track with all dental care for a $250 re-enrollment fee. Natural Smiles also reserves the right to terminate this program based on the individual health or situation of the individual, misuse or abuse of the program, or for any other reason that the staff may consider relevant. Additional gels and trays may be purchased at any time, and broken or cracked trays must be replaced at the patient’s expense.


With the Salem Free Teeth Whitening Program, we wish to inspire you to achieve optimal dental health. We want nothing more than for you to have healthy, strong teeth and gums, and we at Natural Smiles hope that this program will help you to achieve the best smile possible.


 Dr. Coombs and his staff are really friendly and skilled. He went above and beyond to make sure my crown was fixed and done right. A great office! 

- – Annie J.

 The office staff is very nice and helpful. I appreciate knowing the expected cost at the beginning. The office is clean and Dr. Coombs was very thorough in explaining what needed to be done. 

- – Becky B.

 I found Dr. Coombs to be informative and explained things in way that made it simple for me to decide on which procedure was best for me. I highly recommend this office. 

- – Bill N.

 The front desk staff totally ROCKS! I really like this place. 

- – Justin W.

 Ive had several bad experiences with dentists in the past but after going to Dr. Coombs today I no longer have a fear of dentists! they treated me wonderful, they were very polite and put me at ease. 

- – Sarah T.


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