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Pediatric Dentist in Salem, ORIf you are in search of a Salem family dentist to take your children to, it is crucial that you do adequate research. There may be an abundance of dental clinics and dentists in Salem, Oregon who perform services on both children and adults, but you’ll want to locate one that is ideal for your particular situation. A competent Salem pediatric dentist in Salem will conduct thorough examinations on your child’s teeth and mouth once you bring him or her to the office for the first time. If your child is visiting the family dental clinic for the first time, you will want someone who is going to ease your child into the whole process.

At Natural Smiles, the dentist and/or other staff at the office will explain everything being done. Your child will enjoy the comfortable, warm atmosphere of our office. The benefit of going to an office like Natural Dentures is we are specialists in both pediatric dental and adult dental services. You will have the opportunity to form a solid relationship with our dentists and the staff to serve your entire family.

Children may have any number of dental health problems over the years. For instance, they may require braces to help with straightening their teeth. They could need to have fillings put in to prevent worsening of cavities and further damage to their teeth. Very young children will need to be taught proper dental hygiene practices, and the dentist’s office is the perfect place to reinforce what they are learning at home. This is also a good time to introduce a mouth guard, if your child is going to be involved in any contact sports.

Adults will require certain types of treatments and procedures at times. These include, but are not limited to, crowns, veneers, bridges, and cosmetic services. Senior citizens may require dentures, and treatment for thrush, gum disease and various other conditions that increase in frequency as people age. There are dental care concerns that come with advanced age, and a quality family dentist such as Natural Dentures will be able to help you address them.

The Natural Smiles family dental office in Salem, Oregon is a great choice, and your children will think so too!


 Dr. Coombs and his staff are really friendly and skilled. He went above and beyond to make sure my crown was fixed and done right. A great office! 

- – Annie J.

 The office staff is very nice and helpful. I appreciate knowing the expected cost at the beginning. The office is clean and Dr. Coombs was very thorough in explaining what needed to be done. 

- – Becky B.

 I found Dr. Coombs to be informative and explained things in way that made it simple for me to decide on which procedure was best for me. I highly recommend this office. 

- – Bill N.

 The front desk staff totally ROCKS! I really like this place. 

- – Justin W.

 Ive had several bad experiences with dentists in the past but after going to Dr. Coombs today I no longer have a fear of dentists! they treated me wonderful, they were very polite and put me at ease. 

- – Sarah T.


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